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Monthly Archives: April 2017

History of breast cancer

Breast cancer has been present since ancient times. It is both the development and the evolution of this disease that has been taking place that even you can find exact data registered in almost all periods of history, how can we be sure that these data and this information is available? Well, thanks to the visible symptoms that were especially in advanced states, the clods that progressed to tumors, all these cases have been registered by physicians from very early times. It is said that unlike other cancers, the popular breast lumps tend to manifest itself as the known visible tumors.

This disease used to be treated as a taboo, because the shame that meant the detection and the diagnostic was rare. If you are a curious person and you are looking for in some books of old medicines the mention of breast cancers in literature you will see that it is very rare, the involvement of women who have breast cancer, which actively put in evidence the disease was a terrible phenomenon for them. Although we must not leave so far because around three or four decades ago breast cancer remained a taboo subject.

But thanks to a movement created in the year 1990 represented by the symbol of the breast cancer pink ribbon) total evidence the first revolution against this type of cancer. It is from this moment that medicine and scientific research to find the cure for cancer began to take an unexpected turn and with this revolution also began our struggle to find an effective solution to give accurate diagnoses and eliminate errors that were committed prior to the time to perform the surgical procedures to patients.

That is why today, each and every one of the patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time and patients who already had this type of cancer and that returned to have the opportunity to opt out of this new method best known in modern medicine, such as Vector Surgical, which consists in coloring with ink sterile areas where it was in the tumor, in order to be able to give you the exact diagnosis to our patients.

So we invite you to learn more about this new method used in modern medicine through this your site and consult with our trained staff via email, they will respond to each of the doubts and questions you might have.