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I Fully Understand That I Can’t Do It All by Myself

I want to get serious about my sport level abilities, but I have long known that I can only get so far on my own. My friend who trains together with me said that if I needed a personal trainer Denver has some really great ones. I live and work in one of those nearby suburbs, so I knew it wouldn’t be a big to meet with someone in Denver. If I wanted to improve my performance I knew that I needed to do get a professional to help me with it. It was the only way that I could go farther than I ever have.

I wasn’t really into sports when I was a young person. I think I kicked around the soccer ball with my brother is quite a few times, and I love riding my bike. I roller skated with all the other kids in the neighborhood. I could even play a mean game of horseshoes! But being really physical didn’t hit me until after I joined the military. From day one, I loved the physical therapy that we had every single day in basic training. We got up every morning at 6 a.m., and by 6:30 a.m. we were out the door and we spent about two hours straight working out every single morning.

By the time I got out of the military, I found that simply going to and 8 to 5 job every day with no working out at all did not suit me at all. I was very used to the rush from working out every morning for years, and I missed it. I’m in amazing condition now, but to really get the type of stats that professional athletes get, you need someone to help with that. Even in the military, I was not up to the same levels that professional athletes are. This is because they work out for many hours throughout the day. But I am committed to doing it.